Update 3-9-18

  • Currently Working on March of Robots 2018 art card series and it is doing surprisingly well on Instagram.
  • I have a few ABC Puppet Post-it Notes drawings banked to give me a few days after March of Robots 2018 ends.
  • Tarot deck is now called Anxious Tarot and I have drawn a cover card.
  • The Tarot deck has been posted on Pinterest.

Update 2-19-18

  • Completed #RainbowFace series on Instagram.
    • Need to scan and post them to BLP.
  • Prepped for March of Robots.
    • Prompt list figured out.
    • Art cards and new inking brush pen ordered.
  • ABC Puppet series restarted with Post-It Notes.
    • Redrawing the original “A” through “I” characters
    • Characters starting with “J”.
    • This series will pause for March of Robots

Update 2-6-18

Post-It Notes have been one of my papers of choice as of late. Mostly out of necessity and availability. If I want to draw consistently I need to use whas is available around me.

So far I have two different Post-It Note drawing series. The first being Mugshots and the second is Star Falls character designs. I’ve started a third and this one is intended to have a hard limited. I’m calling it RainbowFace and in it I’ve drawn a face for every color of Post-It Note I have. So it is limited because I only have so many colors. It is currently posting on Instagram.

I’m have scheduled myself to do multiple seasonal art events this year like Inktober and Goblin Week. RainbowFace kind of turned into my February event. I plan on doing March of Robots and Kiajune in addition to Inktober. I’m considering Mermay but it might only be for a week.

Daily Instagram Posts

Back in August of 2017 I began posting photos almost once a day to Instagram. It started with the tarot cards, shifted to the Inktober Arts Trading Cards for October, back to tarot cards, and now it is Post-It Note doodles.

There have been some breaks here and there. In August I stopped posting on Sundays for a while because those posts weren’t getting a lot of traction but I started again to adhere to Inktober’s daily posting rule. The rest of the tarot cards took me through the 28th of November after which I took a brake until Dec 20th when I started posting the Post-It Note doodles.

The Post-It Note posts started with the Mugshot drawings and the first few new drawings have been a continuation of that series. The posts that followed have continued the Mugshot format but turned into character designs for Star Falls. There is a good chance that the original Mugshot drawings could become character designs for Star Falls as well.

When I get around to posting the new Post-It note doodles to BLC I’ll probably change the Mugshots page to be a landing page that links to separate sub galleries. One for the original Mugshots drawings and another for the Star Falls drawings.

Updates 11-30-17

Site Developments

Artistic Endeavors

  • I have the cleaned up pencils of the first Star Falls comic posted on BootlegComix and I’ll probably repost them to Tumblr.
  • I’m in the process of cleaning up the scans of my Inktober cards and will be posting them both to BootlegComix and my Tumblr.
  • I completed my Tarot deck. I’m in the process of cleaning up the scans of those cards and will be posting them to BootlegComix and Tumblr.

Updates 11-13-17

Site Development

  • I’m slowly converting BootlegComix.com to a flat file system to make it easier to backup.
  • The plans is to also convert the content section of AnxiousPotato.com a flat file system as well but leave the blog and a few other features in WordPress.
  • I created the site BootlegPotato.com to be the bridge between BootlegComix.com, AnxiousPotato.com, and my various social accounts. I also updated most of my social media accounts to be Bootleg Potato.

Artistic Endeavors

  • I participated in Inktober 2017 with a series of artist trading cards of various movie monsters, villains, and other beloved characters. Currently the results can be seen on Instagram but will make their way to the update Bootleg Comix site.
  • 24 Hour Comics Day also takes place in October. Knowing my limitations my goal was a 12 page mini comic rather than the intended 24. I had a rough idea what the story was going to be and found a clean to be continued stopping point at page 10. With the front cover, back cover, the chapter opening and closing pages it ends up being a 14 page pamphlet. Currently blurry phone photos of the page can be viewed on my 24 Hour Comics Tumblr page. I’ll be posting cleaned up scans there in the near future and the comic will end up on Bootleg Comix as well.
  • Since the start of August I’ve been working on a silly tarot deck drawn on the back of business cards (I have a lot of out of date business cards) and posting them on Instagram. I skipped posting in October to focus on my Inktober cards but restarted right away on the first of November. Cleaned up scans will be posted on Bootleg Comix once everything has finished.

Incomplete Thoughts: Competitive FPS

To give away my age a bit, I got out of playing first person shooters around the time of the first Halo game. I know my memory is horribly inaccurate but it was around this time that I think I saw the future of shit talking kids on voice chat. It would be years later before voice chat would be included in consoles but I was PC gamer at the time and angry twelve year olds claiming to have slept with my mother was common enough that it was killing the fun for me.

What got me back into FPS was Splatoon and if you guessed because it doesn’t have voice chat then you are correct. The lack of voice chat got me in the door but the quick turnaround of matches kept me in. So I’m excited to see that Nintendo announced Splatoon 2 for the Switch.