I’ve been working on a card game that really is just a vehicle for me to draw card sized illustrations. The core mechanic is a five way roshambo that can be expanded in various ways. The art aside there are few exams that I hope to adhere to.

  • Game should be simple enough that if someone simply tossed all the cards together it should still be playable.
  • The rules should be simple enough that most of the rules can be inferred from cards.
  • If one or more rules are misinterpreted or altered it doesn’t break the game.

Part of the reason for those exams is that, in my experience, most kids didn’t know how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Growing up I knew a lot of kids who made up their own rules based on what they thought the rules were. My hope is that if the rules aren’t clear then a close approximation of the rules should still be a playable game.

I’m probably putting way too much effort into these prototype cards. All they are for is to get a sense of the roshambo mechanic.