1. Sakura Sumo Grip Retractable Eraser: This is a large foam eraser that I use for erasing the under drawing (when I bother to). Foam erasers can erase almost anything and less aggressive on paper and less corrosive than Uni’s Boxy Eraser. The down side is that you can burn through them faster than other erasers.

  2. Tombow Mono One Air Touch Eraser: Another foam eraser but this is my go to eraser for general color pencil drawings. The holder is little bit more than an inch long and it is the smallest form factor for foam erasers that I have found. So it isn’t great for detail work but it is the best I’ve found.

  3. Sakura Arch Foam Eraser 60: Same purpose as the Sumo Grip but they are cheap and you can sometimes find them in bundles of 6 to 8. I toss one in every pencil case and art box I have.

  4. 2.3mm Tombow Mono Zero Eraser: This is for detail work. It is a regular eraser so it doesn’t work on color pencil very well but for regular graphite/pencil lead drawing it is amazing. You can sometimes get a bunch of the refills on the cheap off of Amazon.

  5. Tombow Rectangle Eraser: Same as the 2.3mm eraser but with a rectangle shape. I’m testing it out and so far it is just another form factor for an eraser. Erasing along an edge can create sharp thin lines.

  6. An old model of the Pentel Click Eraser: I mostly have this our of nostalgia because it is what I used in grade school. For regular graphite vinyl eraser are fantastic and are gentle on paper. I prefer the this form factor because it fits easier into pencil cases.

  7. The Quicker Clicker: I hord classic Quicker Clickers without the grip because they are discontinued and it is what I learned to draw with. But I have found that the new version with the grip is easier on my old fingers. As much as I prefer the original, the new one doesn’t strain my hand after prolonged use. This is my primary writing pencil. I prefer .5mm for drawing and .7mm for writing.