March of Robots 2018

Mega Man

Schwarzenegger as
The Terminator

Robert Picardo as
Johnny Cab in
Total Recall

Lock Martin as
Gort in
The Day the Earth Stood Still

Bender Bending Rodriguez from

Roscoe Lee Browne as
Box in
Logan's Run

R. Daneel Olivaw from
Isaac Asimov's
The Caves of Steel

Havve Hogan from

George Barrows as
Ro-Man in
Robot Monster

Osamu Tezuka's
Astro Boy

Akira Toriyama's
Arale from
Dr. Slump

BMO from
Adventure Time

Bob May and Dick Tufeld as
The Robot from
Lost in Space

Yul Brynner as
The Gunslinger from

Brent Spiner as
Lieutenant Commander Data from
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Anthony Daniels as
C-3PO from
Star Wars

Warwick Davis and Alan Rcikman as
Marvin the Paranoid Android from
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy film

Bruno 'Taco' Falcon as
Good Robot Ted from
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Dan Gilvezan as
Bumblebee from
The Transformers

Robert Llewellyn as
Kryten 2X4B-523P from
Red Dwarf

Tim Blaney as
Johnny 5 from
Short Circuit

Crow T. Robot from
Mystery Science Theater 3000

Brigitte Helm as
Maschinenmensch from

Michael 'Shrimp' Chambers as
Good Robot Bill from
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Robo from
Chrono Trigger

Robby the Robot as
Himself in
Forbidden Planet

Robin Williams as
Andrew Martin in
Bicentennial Man